Courses at Madingley Hall in 2014

The new year kicks off with a range of Archaeology and History courses at the Institute of Continuing Education, Cambridge.  There are a selection of five-week courses, with one two-hour teaching session each week, covering a broad range of topics.

These courses are suitable for people within travelling distance of Cambridge. Courses are taught by leading Cambridge academics, who share their knowledge and passion for their subjects through their teaching. Students of previous weekly courses have described the teaching as “exceptional; one couldn’t have a more knowledgeable and enthusiastic tutor”, and as having “a great deal of useful information and insights”.

An list of the archaeology and history courses featuring in the 2014 weekly selection is given below. Unless otherwise stated, all courses take place at Madingley Hall, a 16th century mansion located four miles to the west of Cambridge.

First World War remembered, beginning 13 January

600 years of death and burial, beginning 14 January

Medieval Fenland, beginning 15 January

Enslaved! A history of slavery through the ages, beginning 25 February

Magic: in history and culture, beginning 25 February

Humps and bumps, houses and hedges, beginning 26 February and 30 April

The architecture of pilgrimage, beginning 29 April

Poverty, disease and medicine, beginning 30 April

For more information about our weekly courses, and the many other history courses we offer here at the Institute of Continuing Education, visit, email or call 01223 746262.

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