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CBA East awards individual grants of up to £500 in support of archaeological study.  We are keen to support a broad range of activity, and particularly wish to promote education, research, public awareness and participation in archaeology in the region.  The criteria are flexible and hence appropriate for individuals or newly formed groups who are seeking funding for training, help with investigation of potential sites, or informal publication of initial work.  Applications from young people who live in the region are welcome.

The application should include:

1)  Short descriptive title for the work (max 25 words).

2)  Name and postal address, together with an e-mail address and telephone number (to be used only in connection with this application).

  • Where the application is on behalf of a group, indicate the name of the group, when it was formed, and its objectives, and the role of the applicant in the group.
  • where the application is by an individual, indicate the general level of activity e.g. A level, undergraduate etc.

3)  Full description of the project, including

  • the geographic area to be studied;
  • brief research aims and objectives;
  • the current status (when it is expected to start, or if already running when it started, and predicted duration);
  • your website or blog (if available).  CBA East would like to provide a link to projects we support;
  • if an ongoing project, an electronic copy of any report so far prepared (ideally in Word or .pdf format); and
  • an indication of the reason financial support is required (e.g. pottery identification, publication of leaflet).

4)  The amount of grant sought, and whether funding is currently being sought from other sources.  Details of other funding sources are available here.

Applications should be submitted by e-mail to cbaeast@archaeologyuk.org, for consideration at each CBA East committee meeting (3-4 times per annum).

Successful applicants are asked to include the CBA East logo or similar acknowledgement on their publicity material, website, etc.  When the project is completed, we ask that a short report (approx 250-500 words) with supporting photographs be provided for our own website, newsletter and archive.

We look forward to hearing from you, and hope to be able to support your project.